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  • Brand mobile devices still after they
    have left the factory & in flexible
    quantities to respect your needs

  • Manage your apps without the
    need of an app store

  • Transform mass market devices
    into corporate devices following your
    enterprise’s requirements

  • Watch our short video about
    device customization

Our Products

Customize & Manage

zOTA Customize

Offers an easy method 
to flexibly customize Android devices.

zOTA Manage

Roll-out & update
customized Android devices.

zOTA Zertnostics

Diagnose Android devices to
discover hardware malfunctions.


Content Placement

zOTA Device Branding

Brand Android devices
without changing the firmware.

zOTA Push

Place content on Android 
devices during the whole device lifecycle.

zOTA App Manage

Easily manage apps on Android 
devices without the need for an app store.

Technology Consulting

Rely on Zertisa´s Android consulting experience

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